Welcome to the 9th International Conference in Vietnam on the Development of Biomedical Engineering (BME9)

With nonstop efforts and enormous supports in the last decade for the development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam, the field has rapidly emerged and achieved initial successes in both education and research since the first conference in 2005 to the 8th in 2020. Upon the success, in 2022, we organize the 9th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam, aiming to promote the link between education, research and entrepreneurship with the goal to translate research results into the improvement of the public’s health in Vietnam and developing countries.


Translational Healthcare Technology from Advanced to Low and Middle Income Countries in the Era of Covid and Digital Transformation

The 9th International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering (BME9) from December 27th-29th 2022 in Vietnam is an international scientific conference that promotes the connections among research, entrepreneurship and education in biomedical engineering with the theme of “Translational Healthcare Technology from Advanced to Low and Middle Income Countries in the Era of Covid and Digital Transformation”. Vietnam is a LMIC, yet it has an intellectual workforce of an emerging country. In addition, LMIC have many unexplored research topics very attractive to pioneer researchers to discover. Therefore, this meeting serves as an exciting forum and a model of LMIC for researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, administrators and policy makers from advanced and LMI countries to exchange novel ideas, discuss current biomedical issues, propose solutions and develop collaborations on translational research and technologies in healthcare applications particularly for LMIC in the Era of Covid and Digital Transformation. 


Vietnam National Universities - HCMC Quarter 6, Linh Trung
Thu Duc District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Dates of the Conference Dec 27th-29th, 2022
Abstract submission Jul 1st – Aug 1st, 2022
Abstract acceptance notification Sep 15th, 2022
Full text submission Sep 15th – Oct 15th, 2022


Early registration
Sep15th, 2022 - Oct15th, 2022

TOPICS: (include, but are not limited to)

  • Medical Instrumentations
    • Biomechanics
    • Internet of Things and Telemedicine
  • Biophotonics
  • Pharmaceutical engineering
    • Drug delivery systems
    • Nanomaterials in medical applications
  • Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine
    • Biomaterials and 3D Printing
    • Molecular and Cellular Biology in Medicine
    • Stem cells
  • AI and Data Science for Health
    • Cloud computing and Big data processing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Healthcare informatics and Public health
    • Blockchain for Healthcare
  • Oncology and related technologies
  • Neuroengineering
    • Advanced technologies in Sleep diagnosis and Sleep medicine
  • Computational Biomedicine
  • Lab-on-a-chip and Microfluidics And others applied in HEALTHCARE