Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s Program (BS-MS)

The BS-MS program, launched in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, allows undergraduate students with good academic standing to shorten their study time by approximately one year compared to the total time required for both undergraduate and master’s degrees in the same field. Students in the program can register and accumulate master’s level courses starting from their third year of undergraduate study (up to 50% of the master’s program, equivalent to about 22 credits). These accumulated courses can be credited towards their undergraduate degree (up to 15 credits).

Announcement for program implementation available here

Detailed Information of the Program:

– Third-year students and above
– Accumulated credits at the time of application: > 65
– Accumulated GPA at the time of application: > 70
– Must register for a master’s program that aligns with their undergraduate program, as detailed in the following table:

STT Undergraduate Program Code Master’s Program Code Managing Department
1 Biomedical Engineering 7520212 Biomedical Engineering 8520212 Biomedical Engineering
1. General Principles:
Undergraduate students participating in the BS-MS program will be allowed to register for master’s level courses as specified in the integrated program framework (up to 50% of the master’s program). Of the master’s courses taken, students can transfer up to 15 credits towards their undergraduate degree.

2. Training Time and Location:
Students will attend master’s courses according to the timetable (time and location) of the respective master’s program (mostly evening classes at 234 Pasteur campus).

3. Thesis:
Students must complete and defend both undergraduate and master’s theses as per regulations. However, they can continue to develop their undergraduate thesis for their master’s thesis. The level of difference and specific requirements for the theses are determined by the department.

4. Tuition Fees:
Students pay tuition fees for the courses according to the program they are enrolled in. Specific master’s program tuition fees are as follows:
– MBA: 129 USD/credit
– Other master’s programs: 120 USD/credit
– Undergraduate tuition fees remain unchanged

5. Scholarships:
Currently, there are no scholarship regulations for the integrated phase. After meeting the requirements for undergraduate graduation and transitioning to the master’s program, students will be considered for master’s admission scholarships. Specific information available here


Step 1: Submit the application form from July 20 – August 3, 2022 (scan the completed form and email it to with the subject [BSMS221 – Program Registration])

Step 2: Monitor the approval results from August 3 – August 27, 2022 on the website and the registered email

Step 3: Confirm participation via email (if notified of eligibility). Print the application form from Step 1 and the confirmation form and submit them directly to the Postgraduate Training Office – Room O2.609 from September 5 – September 15, 2022

Step 4: Students will be given a student ID account. In the first semester, course registration requirements will be sent via email and the Postgraduate Training Office will assist BS-MS students with registration. The first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year is expected to begin on September 5, 2022.

Hotline: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vong Binh Long (Vice Dean): 0913674300