Wembley Medical Factory Joint Stock Company, a leading Vietnamese manufacturer of medical devices, has teamed up with the School of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at International University in a pioneering collaboration. Since its establishment in 2015, Wembley Medical has become a trusted supplier for hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions. This partnership aims to spur innovation through three significant projects.

The first project, led by Professor Nguyen Thanh Qua, focuses on creating microneedle bandages from biodegradable materials. These bandages will undergo thorough testing to assess their physical properties and biocompatibility, ensuring their safety and suitability for patient use. The potential applications for these microneedle bandages are vast, opening new opportunities for the delivery of medications and vaccines.

The second project, under the guidance of Doctor Doan Ngoc Hoan, aims to enhance and diversify the gauze swabs produced by Wembley Medical. A key innovation in this project is the development of antibacterial gauze swabs designed to aid in wound healing.

Last but not least, Doctor To Thi Ngoc Han will spearhead the third project, which involves a rigorous inspection of various Wembley Medical products to ensure they meet ISO-1993 standards. This initiative is crucial for maintaining the high quality of medical devices. The comprehensive tests will include assessments for in vitro cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, skin sensitization, acute systemic toxicity, and hemocompatibility, among others.

These collaborative projects mark a significant step forward in medical device technology, highlighting both innovation and safety. The partnership between Wembley Medical and the School of Biomedical Engineering is poised to make substantial contributions to the fields of biomedical engineering and healthcare in Vietnam.