Room LA1.210, International University, Vietnam National University


  • Nano-plasmonic biosensors and electrochemical biosensors for clinical diagnosis
  • Paper-based devices for rapid detection of pathogens, toxins, and cancers
  • Bio-products for the treatment of pathogenic infections
  • The effect of structural changes of extracellular fibronectin on cell activities
  • Shear stress effects on fibronectin structure-function
  • Low-cost microfluidic-based lab on a chip fabrication process
  • Immunoassay and molecular biology assays for point-of-care diagnostics of common infectious diseases



Lab-on-a-chip for disease models
Schematic describing colorimetric detection of dengue relied on HCl-induced nanoaggregation
Spectral and color response of designed biosensor to dengue virus in comparison with other viruses
Digital and paper-based microfluidic devices for point-of-care pathogen detection
Application of extracellular protein in biomaterials


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  • Assoc. Prof. Huỳnh Chấn Khôn
  • Dr. Trương Phước Long, Ph.D