A team of BME students including Nguyen Ngoc Quang (BMEIU Class 2011), Truong Dinh Tuan (BMEIU class 2014), and Nguyen Tuong Quang Vinh (BMEIU class 2015) has been named as the winner of Rohto Award, Sun* Award and Saigon Innovation Hub Award at the TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY 2019, which took place on this Saturday, June 1 at Saigon Innovation Hub, Ho Chi Minh City. The team, named IRISIAN,  presented a start-up idea on AI-assisted Diagnostic System in Ophthalmology with an aim to leverage the power of AI in screening and diagnosing eye diseases. The students are from Clinical Engineering Laboratory of Dr. Hoan T Ngo, Vice Chair of Biomedical Engineering Department, International University. Under his supervision, the students investigates and develops Deep Learning algorithms to detect various eye diseases from fundus and OCT images, which are the two main imaging modalities used in ophthalmology.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang, BMEIU K11, received the Saigon Innovation Hub Award.

The idea has impressed all the judges, especially those from Rohto Pharmaceutical, Sun* and Saigon Innovation Hub, who came down to the final decision on awarding the team both financial and mentoring support. Ms. Huong Nguyen, the representative from Saigon Innovation Hub, congratulated the team on the achievement and hoped that this software can contribute to minimizing the rate of refractive disorders among students. IRISIAN will set out a new journey starting from this June by deploying the software at eye hospitals in Vietnam.

The IRISIAN team received awards from Rohto Pharmaceutical, Sun* and Saigon Innovation Hub. Dr. Ngo Thanh Hoan (first row, third from right), vice chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department at International Univeristy, is the scientific advisor of the team.

TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY is the final event of TECH PLANTER VIETNAM 2019, a start-up competition organized by Leave a Net, a science venture company founded in 2002 in Japan. The top 9 finalists who pitched to the DEMO DAY come from a diverse technological background, ranging from agritech and biotech to AI and transportation technology. The judges rate upon 4 criteria: novelty, practicality, whether it can bring out changes to the world and passion.