NTPU is glad to announce the “Elite Study in Taiwan” scholarship program. This program aims at university lecturers (or assistant professor levels) who would like to study at NTPU for their master degrees. “Elite Scholarship program” is a government-funded project. The awardees will receive 2-year funding (up to NTD 600,000 in total) for their study at a master program in NTPU.

This scholarship must be applied through the Office of International Affairs, National Taipei University. It is now open to our outstanding partner schools in the ASEAN countries, and the deadline for our first stage application is November 15th, 2023.
It would be much appreciated if your office could announce the information to your faculties for us. The candidates must serve as a lecturer at our partner schools. The recommended announcement is as follows.
*2-year full scholarship of the master program (Elite study in Taiwan project) in National Taipei University (NTPU), Taiwan

Financial assistance: A monthly stipend of up to NT$ 25,000 for master program students.

Duration of study: 2024 Sep. ~2026 Aug. (2 years maximum)
·Applicant must be a current lecturer at (NTPU’s partner university).

·Applicant must possess enough English proficiency due to the courses will be taught in English.

Applicable master programs: (NTPU ESIT project opens to the candidates who would like to study in the following programs ONLY) 

-(MS) International Program on Urban Governance: http://ipug.ntpu.edu.tw/

-Master Program of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance: http://www.gmba.ntpu.edu.tw/home.jsp

-Master Program in Smart Healthcare Management: http://www.shm.ntpu.edu.tw/


How to apply:

· Stage 1:

(1) Please submit a copy (pdf file only) of your staff ID (or a proof of employment letter), which can identify you as a lecturer at [NTPU’s partner university], and a copy of your bachelor or master certificate (pdf file only)

(2) Please enclose your full name and the programs you would like to apply. No other application document is needed other than those mentioned above at this stage. Email “(1) pdf files” to myamie7@gm.ntpu.edu.tw no later than “November 15th, 2023”.(Please note that any 1st stage application after Nov 15th will not be processed.

· Stage 2:
The approved quota of the candidate(s) will be announced around January 31st, 2024. A further notification will be given later. The candidates could then apply for the master program through NTPU online application system (
https://www.ntpu.edu.tw/admin/a7/org/a7-3/recruitt21_more.php?id=120) after receiving the notification.

For more information about National Taipei University: (https://new.ntpu.edu.tw/)
Contact person: Ms. April Lin (myamie7@gm.ntpu.edu.tw), OIA NTPU