Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering Orientation


We have developed a family of point-of-care devices that allows patients to measure vital factors (blood pressures, heart rates, blood glucose levels, lung functions, etc.) by themselves and a network of Internet of Things that links healthcare providers and patients using either laptop, smartphone and tablet. The obtained data will be automatically and instantaneously analyzed and alarms will send to healthcare providers if the data are out of normal range. With this system the patients will be taken care as if the doctors were always next to them. Each patient and their healthcare providers have their own webpage with all the information.

Our Internet of things (IoT) system connects patients to healthcare providers and patient’s parents with our point-of-care devices to take care of patients immediately anywhere.
Each patient has his/her own website with all medical information that he/she can share with anyone. This empowers and helps patient to control own health conditions with P4 medicine principle: Predictive, Preemptive, Participatory and Personalized.
A specific app on smartphones allows patients and their healthcare providers to communicate and check information. The providers, hence, can take care of many patients at the same time.

Our other commercially viable Point-of-Care devices (left to right, upper to lower): 12 channel ECG (for electro-cardiography), Uroflowmeter (for urologic diagnostics), Spirometer (for asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD), Blood glucose interface (for diabetes), Cardiac Holter monitor and SpO2 (for heart conditions).


Our Smart Biomedical Materials consist of biological glue, tape, and wound-healing materials that allow patients to use at home.

One of our start-up companies has been chosen into the Technology Incubator program of Saigon Hi-Tech Park. The Biomedical Engineering School has received “Merit of the National University Principle” for Technology Transfer projects.

We have established our own start-up companies to commercialize our products and are looking for investors to transfer our technology.

Prof. Võ Văn Tới

Contact: vvtoi@hcmiu.edu.vn

Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hiệp

Contact: nthiep@hcmiu.edu.vn