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List of Funding for Research Projects for Undergraduate and Graduate Students in 2022

II. School of Biomedical Engineering

No Project Title Project Leader Supervisor Duration (months) Funding (million VND)
13 Investigation and evaluation of the properties of oxidized alginate membranes with chitosan oligomers under various conditions Huỳnh Anh Thái (BEBEIU21269) PGS. TS. Nguyễn Thị Hiệp 12 7.00
14 Hydrogel dispensing system for microneedle fabrication applications Lê Bùi Mai Phương (BEBEIU20235) TS. Nguyễn Thành Quả 12 7.00
15 Development of a medication reminder application via smartphone for doctor-patient telecommunication Trần Đăng Quang (BEBEIU20110) TS. Trần Lê Giang 12 7.00
16 Application of image segmentation algorithms for H&E stained tissue images to assist in breast cancer diagnosis Nguyễn Trung Sơn (BEBEIU20041) PGS. TS. Phạm Thị Thu Hiền 12 7.00
17 Research and development of a low-cost 3D bioprinting system for tissue engineering and stem cell applications Nguyễn Nhật Minh (SBEIU19015) TS. Lê Ngọc Bích 12 7.00
18 Development of an in vitro skin aging model using UVA to test anti-aging and skin treatment products Nguyễn Thanh Ngân (BEBEIU19019) TS. Trịnh Như Thùy 12 7.00
19 Research and formulation of antioxidant nano silica loaded with astaxanthin for therapeutic applications Vũ Thụy Quỳnh Giao (BEBEIU20065) PGS. TS. Vòng Bính Long 12 7.00
20 Classification of retinal diseases using Fundus imaging Trịnh Thị Kim Phụng (BEBEIU20233) TS. Ngô Thị Lụa 12 7.00
21 Fabrication of in situ crosslinked hydrogel from Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Xanthan gum Trần Tú Kha (BEBEIU20019) PGS. TS. Nguyễn Thị Hiệp 12 7.00
22 Investigation of the effects of different glucose concentrations on the healing capacity of adipose-derived stem cells in platelet-poor plasma Huỳnh Ngọc Loan Châu (BEBEIU20186) TS. Trịnh Như Thùy 12 7.00
23 Fabrication and testing of an electronic hearing aid with adjustable costs for teaching and clinical research applications Đỗ Vy Ngọc (BEBEIU20033) TS. Trần Lê Giang 12 7.00
24 Application of polarized light imaging to detect non-invasive bladder cancer Trịnh Thị Thúy Ngân (BEBEIU20222) PGS. TS. Phạm Thị Thu Hiền 12 7.00
25 Evaluation and assessment of the anti-inflammatory effects of protein nanoparticles containing curcumin in gastrointestinal treatment Lại Thị Monika Ngân (BEBEIU20218) PGS. TS. Vòng Bính Long 12 7.00