Abstract: DNA sequencing is the process of determining the sequence of nucleotides in a section of DNA. The first commercialized method of DNA sequencing was Sanger sequencing. However, Sanger sequencing faces limitations on sequencing large numbers of DNA. Next generation sequencing (NGS) was developed as an alternative for Sanger in many applications.

Aim: Nowadays, NGS is applied in many fields such as medicine development, clinical diagnosis, environmental science, food safety, etc. Therefore, we want to introduce fundamental information about Sanger Sequencing and NGS such as principle, protocol, etc. There will be a comparison between technology and applications from well-known brands including Illumina, Ion Torrent and MGI providing in-depth views about NGS applications and how it is applied in the world.

Presenter: Mr. Trần Quốc Thiên

+ Education: University of Science, VNU-HCMC. Major: Molecular Biology

+ Certifications related with NGS:

  • NIPT training program from Premaitha Health Company
  • Training on operating MGI sequencer and lib prep automatic system