August 14, 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – The successful meeting and collaboration session between the  School of Biomedical Engineering (BME), International University (IU), and 115 People’s Hospital took place on the morning of August 14, 2023. This significant event provided a valuable opportunity for the two entities to engage and exchange insights on medical research activities, workforce training, and to create cooperative prospects for the future.

The delegation from the BME of IU, along with Dr. Phan Van Bau, Director of 115 People’s Hospital, and the hospital’s leadership, were taken on a tour of the hospital’s advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities. They were introduced to specialized medical units, modern infrastructure, and healthcare services provided by the hospital. Subsequently, a working session commenced with presentations and discussions about clinical activities, the application of cutting-edge scientific and technical advancements in medicine, and scientific research conducted by both sides.

During the meeting, Associate Professor Dr. Vong Binh Long, Deputy Head of the School of Biomedical Engineering, had the opportunity to introduce the team and research outcomes of the BMEIU, including medical devices for in-home patient care, artificial intelligence and data analysis applications for early diagnosis, biomedical materials for regenerative medicine, and new pharmaceutical engineering technologies. Notably, Professor Dr. Vo Van Toi also presented research on the telemedicine system developed by the School of BME, along with a demonstration of a blood pressure and heart rate monitoring holter device. This telemedicine product allows continuous health monitoring at home or any location, enabling doctors and hospitals to monitor patients’ health parameters and provide necessary instructions remotely. The leadership of 115 People’s Hospital expressed interest and appreciation for the School of BME’s research achievements as a whole. The hospital is also aiming to develop remote healthcare services for patients, making research on telemedicine highly significant and valuable.

Furthermore, the School of BME had the opportunity to visit the Research and Development Center of 115 People’s Hospital. This center is a precious resource for future collaborative projects between the two entities, including product exhibitions, medical workshops, short-term and continuous medical training courses, clinical trial research, and student and intern placements.

The meeting and collaboration session between the School of BME, IU, and 115 People’s Hospital marked a significant turning point in promoting cooperation between the hospital and the university in their shared interest in applying advanced scientific and technical innovations in the medical field. Both entities have identified numerous potential collaboration opportunities to jointly address the technical challenges posed by the medical field.

Here are some images from the working session:

The delegation from the School of BME, IU presented a gift of General Biomedical Engineering textbooks and took commemorative photos with the Board of Directors of 115 People’s Hospital after concluding the discussions.

The delegation from the School of Biomedical Engineering, International University, visited the Research and Development Center of 115 People’s Hospital.


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