Pilot-Scale Electrospinning/Spraying System – Nanospinner PE-550 Inovenso

PE-550 is the first industrial-scale electrospinning system for continuous production of nanofibrous membranes in Vietnam. The system was invested at the Department of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, School of Biomedical Engineering, International University, VNU-HCM. The main advantage of the PE-550 system is its ability to scale up production, as it is suitable for both R&D projects and industrial production lines. PE-550 can operate at a maximum of 56 high-throughput nozzles, allowing the mass production of nanofibrous membranes. However, it can also operate with just 1 nozzle when needed in R&D projects that require testing small samples. The system’s unique design allows the production of nanofibrous membranes and multi-layered composite materials with different structures. The system can independently control 4 micro-pump systems and 4 different high-voltage power sources, allowing the system to operate simultaneously with up to 4 different polymers. Currently, the system is being used to produce nanofibrous membranes for applications in fields such as antibacterial dressings to support wound healing, rapid hemostasis dressings, stent systems, artificial blood vessels, nanofibrous drug delivery systems, antibacterial and anti-toxic masks, and other medical products. The School of Biomedical Engineering cordially invites research cooperation with units in need. For more information, please contact the School of Biomedical Engineering, International University, VNU-HCM. Email: bme@hcmiu.edu.vn Phone: (84-28) 3724 4270