ANNOUNCEMENT: ADMISSION OPEN FOR BSMS PROGRAM – 1st Semester of Academic Year 2023-2024

Targets for admissions
– 3rd year, 4th-year students (from class of 2020)
– Number of cumulative credits at the time of admission: ≥ 50% total
– Cumulative GPA at the time of admission: ≥ 70
Students receiving Admission Scholarships only need to pay the difference in tuition fees between the master’s and undergraduate courses when the GPA meets the conditions for maintaining the scholarship.
When students complete the undergraduate program, you can submit an official application and will be given priority to consider a master’s scholarship
Advantages of BSMS program
– Shorten the total study time up to 1 year
– Study 1 time, score 2 times
– Save up to 40 million VND tuition fee
– Priority for master’s scholarships up to 100%
How to register
Please see item 4 at this announcement:
Application form:
Email: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Duc –
Phone: (028) 37244270 – ext: 3120
Hotline: 1800.9040