Công ty Carl Zeiss Việt Nam đang tìm ứng viên cho các vị trí và địa bàn sau:

1. Nhóm sản phẩm SUR (Surgical, máy đo đạc, máy phẫu thuật phaco và vật tư tiêu hao): 3 người

– Title: Sales and Application Specialist

– Số lượng: 1 cho địa bàn miền trung (base ở Đà Nẵng); 1 cho địa bàn HCM và các tỉnh lân cận (base ở HCM) và 1 cho địa bàn Mekong (base ở Cần Thơ)

2. Nhóm sản phẩm CDM (Chronic Disease Management, các máy chẩn đoán và giải pháp điều trị bệnh mãn tính): 1 người

– Title: Sales and Application Specialist

– Số lượng: 1 cho địa bàn HCM và các tỉnh (base ở HCM)

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Position Summary:

This position will be responsible for the Sales and Application of SUR/CDM in OPT SBU. This person will be conceptualizing, implementing strategies and drive synergy to develop the SUR/CDM business within OPT in South; including but not limited to

§  Market understanding and market access planning

  •   Implement sales & marketing activities
  • Customer engagement, building and maintaining KOLs
  • Ensure operational goals and financial targets are being met regularly
  • Manage forecast sale out process
  • Defining Customer Segmentation, market mapping and product alignment to market segments
  • Focus on clinical uses, education and improving customer workflows
  • Develop, maintain and deliver applications-focused training on the equipment and accessories
  • Apply product and clinical knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues where needed
  • Expert knowledge of product’s features, benefits, product application, diagnostics and treatment procedure through training programs
  • Knowledge and understanding of competitive products
  •  Product and solution presentation for customers
  •  Product training for customers
  • To be involved in planning and execution of marketing and promotional activities such as exhibitions, workshops, seminars etc
  • Reporting on market intelligence data with market size, market share of SUR equipment
  • To be fully responsible for the preparation of bids for major tenders/projects in your territory

Education requirements / Experience / Job Specifications:

1.        Education / Professional Certification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, Biomedical, Marketing, Pharma or related fields

2.        Experience

  • 1-3 years’ experience in sales and application, preferably in medical device industry
  •  Knowledge of the medical ophthalmology industry is priority
  • Analytical skills are necessary to evaluate market trends, customer feedback, and other data to make informed decisions about product development and marketing.

3.        Knowledge / Skills / Other characteristics

  • Good communication skills
  • Good team player
  • Sense of accountability and strong work ethic
  • Strong customer focus and excellent presentation skills
  • Good command of spoken and written English